Optimising care for children with respiratory conditions

Optimal helps parents track their child’s symptoms to reduce hospital visit and improve their medical care.

Optimising care for children

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Hear from the parents

“A massive advantage of the app is when it comes to hospital appointments or emergency visits to A/E. Having all the information to hand makes admissions that little bit less stressful. I can switch off from ‘carer’ and go back to ‘mum’ when it matters most.”

Lynsey Bond, Speke, Liverpool.

“Collecting my daughters health readings and being able to share it with professionals is really helpful. It’s very reassuring to know when all is normal and when there’s a change in her health.”

Nicole Doran, Crosby, Liverpool.

The app that helps you record & manage your child’s complex respiratory condition at home.

Health Tracking

Health tracking

Optimal’s Respiratory Symptom Tracker acts as a diary of your child’s key health parameters. With the data you record, you’ll be reassured when your child is well and detect any changes that may show signs of illness.

Symptom trends

Symptom trends

Record observations, seizures, heart and breath rates as well as your child’s medication all in one app. Providing accurate information of their health for you and healthcare professionals in the palm of your hands.

You’re in control

You’re in control

Optimal helps take back control of your child’s health. By tracking their symptoms on the app you can help reduce their hospital admissions and get your little one back to doing what they do best. Being kids.

Our story

Optimal’s inspiration came from Leanne Turner’s 10+ years’ experience working as a Community Respiratory Therapist including at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. Leanne Turner wanted parents to feel in control of their child’s complex health condition and reduce their hospital admissions. Helping their little ones get back to doing what they do best. Being kids.

Optibreathe wearable tracker coming soon in summer 2022

As well as the app, we’re currently building a wearable health tracker to automatically measure your child’s key health parameters during the day at home. If you would like to take part and be one of the first people to use OptiBreathe, please register your interest below.

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